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Upcoming Events

Beginners Qigong Workshop

This event is now fully booked - if you would like to be on the waiting list for the next workshop please email me  and I will let you know when the next workshop will be - hopefully not too far away. 

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 We will be covering the basics like:  

  • what is Qi and how to connect with it.
  • How our Qi (life force) gets blocked and how Qigong can unblock it.
  • the 3 dantians
  • learning about Qifield
  • understanding Qi Reactions
I will be introducing the first 2 methods of Yuan Gong
  • Tian Yuan 22 mins - gathering energy into your self
  • Ren Yuan 45 mins long - stretching and strengthening the whole body

(there are more advanced teachings in these methods over and above this workshop - this is really an introduction so you can then attend the weekly classes if you want to).

There will also be a deep relaxation session at the end of the day.
Cost is $100 - Plus a catered lunch by french trained chef Claire Langley
"Recently I attended a Qigong workshop in Blenheim with Rachel Maguire.  The presentation and content of the workshop was fantastic.  The time just flew past and I left feeling uplifted, energised and relaxed.  Rachel’s presentation style is excellent – she has an ability to communicate new concepts in a way that is very accessible and does so with warmth and a sense of fun.  It has been a month since the workshop and, with the help of daily motivational texts from Rachel, I have maintained a daily practice of the Qigong that I learnt at the workshop. The results have been impressive including increased positivity, increased energy, deeper more restorative sleep patterns, quicker recovery from coughs and colds and a greater sense of calm.”    
          Charlotte Patterson - Marlborough

enquiries and bookings

Full Moon Group Healing Session

Sunday 4 March 7pm - 8pm

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There is a lot of energy around at the full moon - sometimes we feel more energised at this time of the month, some of us notice a change in our sleep patterns, and often women menstruate around this time.   The full moon brings with it an abundance of energy and coming to a full moon healing, is an opportunity to harness some of this natural and abundant energy and experience an 'Qi injection'.  But, this is not energy of an adrenal 'go, go, go' kind.  More, that it is energy of a calm, clear and peaceful and wholesome nature, where your heart feels warm and open and your whole body feels nourished and relaxed. You will also be taught a self healing technique to experience healing to a particular part of the body that is troubling you.  While I may be guiding this session, this really is a group effort and can be a profound experience, even if you have never done anything like this before.  Whether you have done Qigong or not you are welcome to attend this event.  What have you got to lose?  compare that with what you might gain? I hope to see you there : )
Investment $20

enquiries and bookings

Next Retreat May 2018 
Mistletoe Bay, Marlborough Sounds


unnamed 7     mistletoe bay eco village

4pm Friday May - 4pm Monday 7 May

Investment: $550
Early Bird is $495 if paid in full before 16th March

Investment includes Tuition, Accommodation, Lunches and Dinners.   Spaces are limited to 22.

It is amazing how much can happen in a few days when you are given the guided opportunity to focus on your own health and wellbeing.     If you want your life to be different - this is a great place to start. 
Immerse yourself in a weekend of Qigong, Healing and Nature in a supported & postive space. This weekend will be designed to help you create an inspired, energised, happy and healthy life. this time at Mistletoe Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. 
The food will be delicious - lunches and dinners catered by the wonderful Claire Langley.

More details will be posted soon about this retreat soon.

Please email me on  if you would like to go on the mailing list


Past events

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May Retreat Shambhala Centre, Golden Bay

This retreat was fully booked with people from various parts of NZ.  
It was a wonderful experience - and Natalie and I are so looking forward to the next one in November 2017.







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