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This year myself and Natalie Miejer have joined forces in order to offer Retreats.  My background in Western Medicine and Acupuncture coupled with Natalies' background in counselling, combine to form a holistic and comprehensive approach to healing.  We have both been practicing and teaching Qigong for many years and enjoy being able to bring different things to the table. 

FullSizeRender-9.jpgThe Retreats provide an opportunity to learn and/or deepen your experience of Yuangong (Contemporary Qigong).  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practioner, the Retreats are designed to inspire your practice and life. They are varied, informative and fun, the food is excellent and the Shambhala Centre is a stunning location.


November 2017 Weekend Retreat

Shambhala Retreat Centre, Golden Bay.  


Dates:  November 24 - 26th  (Friday 4pm - Sunday 4pm)
Cost:   $320

This includes Tuition, Accommodation, Lunches and Dinners.
All you need is snacks and bring your own breakfasts for 2 days.

It is amazing how much can happen in one weekend when you are given the guided opportunity to focus on your own health and wellbeing.   Spaces are limited to 24, so if this is something you are interested in doing - now is the time!

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Past Retreats

May 2017 Weekend Retreat


This retreat at the Shambhala Centre was fully booked.  We had beautiful weather and a lovely group of people.  Some had never done Qigong before and others had been doing it a while. The theme for this Retreat was "Inner Joy".   Here are a few Testimonials:


"I feel completely refreshed, relaxed and reinvigorated after my Qi Gong retreat with Rachel and Natalie. You provided a beautiful and safe environment where everyone was nourished, whatever their experience. The gorgeous location of the retreat made me feel immediately uplifted from my daily grind, and the healing I received was immediate. Thank you for opening me to the beauty of Qi Gong."

"Rachel and Natalie provided a wonderful nourishing retreat in a stunning location. I've never experienced the feeling of 'batteries fully recharged" so much as I have after their May 2017 retreat. The sessions included an awesome balance between the practical and theoretical and included time for reflection and discussion. Thank you Rachel and Natalie for making the weekend a lifetime highlight and allowing me to return home to a full schedule and a busy family full of energy and optimism.   Natalie and Rachel run an excellent retreat, creating a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual activities to provide a friendly, healing and nourishing time away from the busyness of everyday life." FullSizeRender-14.jpg

"I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed with plenty to think about."

"I really enjoyed the knowledge and skills that Rachel brought as an acupuncturist, bringing a theoretical base to Qigong. Natalie is so skilled with meditation bringing us all in to such a calm place. They were such a great team complimenting each other really well - approachable, friendly and really made Qigong concepts feel accessible and easy to fit in to daily life using simple explanations. There was a feeling of a safe space where we could share with each other. I loved Rachel's explanations of Qi using techniques with the kids. They both brought in Joy and relaxation to it all. I had a lot of fun and have experienced some big shifts which have improved my life. Thank you so much you guys."

"During the retreat I was easily able to walk and do much more on my legs than I have for a long time. Since the retreat I feel like I have moved into a new level of personal well being, thanks Rachel and Natalie :)"




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