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Acupuncture and Qigong: Blenheim NZ

Welcome to 'ThinkQi' (ThinkChee)

My name is Rachel Maguire and I specialise in helping people with all sorts of health issues.   I offer a genuine, calm and respectful space for you to relax and receive treatments specifically designed for you and your particular needs. I will listen carefully to what you have to say and draw on years of experience in both Chinese and Western Medicine.  I treat people of all ages, including pregnant women and children.   

Enjoy having a look around this site and I look forward to hearing from you!

what people say

  • Retreats


    I really enjoyed the knowledge and skills that Rachel brought as an acupuncturist, bringing a theoretical base to Qigong. Natalie is so skilled with meditation bringing us all in to such a calm place. They were such a great team complimenting each other really well - approachable, friendly and really made Qigong concepts feel accessible and easy to fit in to daily life using simple explanations.

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  • Acupuncture


    Before finding Rachel I had little mobility in my right shoulder and arm. I was not able to raise it to shoulder height, backward or forward without suffering intense pain due to Polymyalgia. I was also unable to lift my legs more than six inches off the ground due to pain in my hips. After a few sessions of acupuncture treatment with Rachel I am now able to perform these actions freely and with no pain. Thank you Rachel for restoring my mobility and freeing me from drugs for pain relief.

    Bev Evans

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  • Qigong


    I just enjoyed a great Yuan Gong workshop with Rachel & I'm feeling energised and inspired in a nicely grounded way. Rachel has a lovely open and down to earth approach, which makes her many years of experience in natural health accessible to participants. Participating in one of Rachel's workshops is solid step in the direction of Healing and Self-Care. I can recommend them for anyone who wishes good health and well being.

    Rob Oscroft

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  • Healing


    A month ago I acquired second and third degree burns to my neck, chest and right arm. My doctor thought that I may need a skin graft to an area on my arm. 5 days after my accident I contacted Rachel and we did a distant healing session. That evening I had the most incredible sleep. The following day 80% of my burnt skin shed, revealing lovely new pink skin. The degree and rate of healing was incredible and my specialist was surprised by my progress. The healing I showed in 5 days is what she would have expected to see after 3 weeks. I did another healing session with Rachel the following week focusing on the third degree burn on my arm. My arm has healed beautifully and I will definitely not be requiring a skin graft. A big heart-felt thank you to Rachel.

    Rachel Anderson, Marlborough

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