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Acupuncture Testimonials

morning sickness

"I was suffering from all day ‘morning sickness’ and was finding it very hard to function at work and to just get through the day.  From the first visit to Rachel she was fantastic,  She has a very professional manner and explains what she is doing throughout the treatment. She was my ‘saviour’ for 14 odd weeks and I would definitely recommend Rachel to family and friends".   Nicola Mitchell - Marlborough

overall health and well-being

"I have found Rachel’s experience and professionalism very beneficial to my overall health and wellbeing. She gives total commitment to her craft and I have confidence in her as a gifted healer. Rachel is prepared to go the extra mile and I happily recommend her treatments."
Sally Rainbird - Marlborough


"I went to see Rachel during a recent cycle of IVF. I had endometriosis and had found it difficult to conceive naturally. Rachel was a calm and comforting face during a time of stress and uncertainty and her treatments provided me with much needed solitude and serenity. I believe that the fertility and relaxation points Rachel used kept my body in balance, physically and emotionally, and as a result I am currently expecting.  Thanks for everything Rachel!"  Angela Clark - Marlborough

frozen shoulder

"I had been suffering from a frozen shoulder and had tried several different treatments with no long term benefits. After three sessions with Rachel, I noticed a marked improvement and am now well on the way to recovery. Oh so lovely to get a full night’s sleep again! My hot sweats have also completely disappeared and acupuncture has given me a wonderful feeling of vitality and wellness."  Mary Leslie - Marlborough

Postivie Changes

"I came to Rachel after seeing many other health professionals over an extended period of time - with no progress. Within a short time of weekly appointments with Rachel I started to see results in many areas of my life and I continue to do so. Rachel goes above and beyond to help her clients, she is a very knowledgeable practitioner, she puts me at ease and I always feel amazing after my treatment. I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to make positive changes in any area of their life to book an appointment with Rachel, you won't regret it."  Jackie Gee - Wellington

digestive problems

"Having become fed up with months of nausea after eating and general unwellness I attended Rachel’s acupuncture clinic at the Long house.  I easily recommend acupuncture and Rachel’s clean and relaxing clinic makes the trip even more enjoyable. Thanks."   Teresa Goza - Marlborough

overnight changes

"I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for a competent holistic professional - she’s an experienced Acupuncturist who has a background in Western Medicine. She did a very thorough assessment which has meant her treatments were spot on and I have had overnight changes in my condition. Thanks Rachel."  Darry Walker - Wellington

Acupuncture for Children

"Two and a half years ago, my usually bubbly and healthy 3 year old went down with the serious asthma attack, and then another and then another. After 10 visits to ED  over a period of 12 months, I was recommended acupuncture to strengthen his respiratory health and immune system. We were very lucky that Google search found Rachel and that she was more than happy to work with children.    My son, hesitant at first, was completely fine with needles after a couple of sessions (he called them noodles) and we now use acupuncture for his sibling and for myself as well.  Rachel has an amazing rapport with little ones, they immediately trust her and the sessions are never stressful".   Irina Mosina - Wellington

Calm and Professional

"If you are looking for someone who offers holistic and effective treatment I would highly recommend Rachel. She has a calm and professional approach and has helped with me a number of health issues".   Alex van Wel - Wellington


"Before finding Rachel I had little mobility in my right shoulder and arm , I was not able to raise it to shoulder height , backward or forward without suffering intense pain due to Polymyalgia. I was also unable to lift my legs more than six inches off the ground due to pain in my hips but after a few sessions  with Rachel I am now able to perform these actions much more freely and with no pain. Thank you Rachel - I now recommend you to friends when they have problems like mine".        
Bev Evans - Picton

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