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Conference / Wellness Event


At your next meeting or conference, include a break out session that is informative, engaging and that gives your staff practical skills to use in order to work better all round.

       10 reasons to think differently and 'ThinkQi'

  1. ​A different perspective can breathe life into the day
  2. Doing Qigong reduces stress
  3. Your staff will learn tools to focus the body and mind
  4. Your staff will be taught exercises to get more energy
  5. Feeling good means a happy staff
  6. Happier staff means healthier staff
  7. Healthier staff will mean less sick days
  8. When the mind is calm it is easier to focus and be clear thinking 
  9. Clarity and more energy mean a more effective and productive staff
  10. The workshops and breakout sessions are fun, interactive and team building

Breakout Sessions

Experience a taste of fun, stress busting, performance enhancing and team building when you book an interactive session with Rachel. She draws on 30 years of clinical experience in both Western and Chinese Medicine - working with people of all ages and  all walks of life.    Over the last 10 years she has been teaching Qigong and Mindfulness to a wide range of groups including schools, and business groups.  She facilitates yearly wellness retreats.  She is an intuitive and quick thinker with a sense of humour and a passion for helping people feel good.  Rachel has the ability to communicate with a huge variety of people inspiring them to a healthier, happier life.

Rachel can easily build a session that suits the particular needs of your company or group   

Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes.   Bookings advised 2 months ahead.


Bayleys Real Estate Group Wellness Day Marlborough 2019 
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Pink Ribbon Breakfast Picton 2018 (breast cancer awareness and support)


    Half or full days available.

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email rachel        0210 2450157


”If anyone can teach you how to stay calm in the face of stress and the busyness of modern lifestyles, Rachel can!   She will do it with humour and fun – and give specific strategies and skills.”    - Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore 
       International Motivational Keynote Speaker
       Founder 'The Joy Project'




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